If SharePoint was a person…

In the USA, it would have been driving a car for four years. Next year, it would be allowed to drink. In Europe, it would probably already be very drunk. It would be allowed to marry, but it would probably already be divorced.

In any case, it would have friends. A lot of friends. If you consider yourself a friend of SharePoint, you are kindly invited to join us in celebrating its birthday. We will have Microsoft officials and MVPs, panels and discussions, fun and jokes, and a live concert.

Because SharePoint deserves it.


SharePoint is old. And young. It was supposed to have died many times by now. Yet it rocks the house more than ever before. 

Send us your SharePoint related pictures, such as funny screenshots, photos from the SharePoint User Groups or events, or anything that you think that it is interesting for community.


In the beginning, we were a self-help group: we first met to share the pain. Then we started liking each other. And then someone called it a family.

For it’s a jolly good software…

“Once I was called to take a look at that farm…” We all like hearing good SharePoint stories. And we all have good SharePoint stories to tell.

A birthday party?


27 March 2021 (Saturday)

PDT 09am – 01pm (Seattle, San Francisco, LA)
CDT 11am – 03pm (Chicago, Houston, New Orleans)
EDT 12pm – 04pm (New York, Boston, Toronto)
GMT 04pm – 08pm (Lisbon, Dublin, London)
CET 05pm – 09pm (Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague)
EET 06pm – 10pm (Helsinki, Tallinn, Sofia)
MSK 07pm – 11pm (Moscow, Russia)
IST 9:30pm – 1:30am (New Delhi, Mumbai)
CST 12am – 04am (+1 28 Mar) (Shanghai, Singapore)
JST 01am – 05am (+1 28 Mar) (Tokyo, Japan)
AEDT 03am – 7am (+1 28 Mar) (Melbourne, Australia)



Microsoft officials
MVPs and Microsoft Regional Directors
Telling stories
Listening to myths and legends
Remembering good ol’ times
Panels and discussions
Games and Fun
Swag and prizes
Live Concert (C.U.R.E. – The Girlband)


Hybrid digital and virtual event

Online event via Microsoft Teams
Virtual Reality event via Microsoft AltspaceVR

On March 27th, we want to have fun. To remember. To listen. To tell stories. To celebrate community. To meet other SharePoint old-timers and newbies. To meet SharePoint creators and Microsoft people. To fool around with legendary MVPs. To attend a dedicated concert. To have fun.

And yes, of course, to grab some swag. Celebration programme will be announced at a later point of time.

You have got a SharePoint story to tell?

Please tell us your favorite SharePoint story, anecdote or just a funny situation! The best stories will be read during the birthday celebration (anonymized or with with your name mentioned, as you wish).

How about sharing some SharePoint pics?

Twenty years can be easily told in pictures! Send us your SharePoint related pictures, such as funny screenshots, photos from the SharePoint User Groups or events, or anything that you think that it is interesting for community. We will include the best pictures in the Celebration slide show!

Please, share only the pics which you own (where you took the photo youself, or where you took the screenshot), and make sure to have consent of the other people in the pic (if there are any), in order to avoid any quarrels over GDPR or copyright issues.

25 May 1999: Four New Microsoft Initiatives Build on Gates’ Vision of “Knowledge Workers Without Limits”

…A primary challenge of knowledge workers has been to easily find all the information related to a specific job or situation. To meet this need, Microsoft is developing a new set of library and search technologies, code-named “Tahoe” to enable the creation of “digital dashboards”, a concept discussed in Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates’ keynote at the 1999 Microsoft CEO Summit…

8 Jan 2001: Microsoft Announces Branding and RC1 Availability of “Tahoe” Server

…“Organizations today want to ensure that the valuable corporate knowledge stored in documents, Web servers, file servers and e-mail is readily available to employees making important decisions each day,” said Jeff Teper, general manager of the SharePoint Portal Server Business Unit at Microsoft. “SharePoint Portal Server is a flexible, off-the-shelf solution that can search and index the most important enterprise content sources across an organization and make the information available to anyone in the company via a familiar user interface.”…

12 Nov 2000: Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates Lays Out a Blueprint For the Future of the Internet

…The new version of Office also will contain a new Web-based collaborative application called Microsoft SharePoint that tightly integrates with Office…

30 Apr 2001: Microsoft to Acquire NCompass Labs

Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire NCompass Labs Inc., the developer of NCompass Resolution® . Released in March 2001, NCompass Resolution 4.0 is a Web content management system that enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively deploy highly dynamic and personalized e-business Web sites. It dramatically reduces the time required to bring these applications to market while offering the scalability needed for the most demanding environments….

01 Apr 2009: SharePoint Designer 2007 is Free

Dear Valued Customer:

We are implementing a number of changes to promote and facilitate even more customization efforts on top of our platform:

Starting on April 1, 2009, we are making SharePoint Designer 2007 available as a free download…

20 Aug 2012: Announcing SPC Adriatics 2012!

…For this reason, a specialized conference about Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project technologies will be held in Zagreb on 28 November, 2012 under the name SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics. A total of eighteen lectures will be divided into three parallel tracks: BIZ, DEV and IT Pro. We expect over 150 participants from leading Enterprise users from Europe.